Make this year’s birthday unique, fun, and           unforgettable with 

          Wildlife Geeks Adventure Party !

  • Your child is the Star of the Show ! 

  • Birthday boy/girl is a Wildlife Geek for the day!

  • They Exclusively get to Hold, Feed, and                  get One on One time with Amazing wildlife from around the world!

  • Special gift for the birthday child

  • Not just entertaining – it’s educational, too

 Adventure Party $250 

(Includes Birthday Gift and Tax) 

Here are just a few of the animal friends that are available with the Adventure Party that will make your child's birthday amazing!

Supreme Adventure Party $375  (Includes Birthday Gift and Tax)

Call for the complete list and to check availability. Restrictions Apply

With a Supreme Adventure Party, you get all of the excitement and fun of the Adventure Party, PLUS get hands on experience with Incredible Rare Animals!

Here are just a few options: